Residential Wellbeing Retreats

Our residential wellbeing retreat offers you the potential for meaningful and long-lasting change.

We will craft a personal and professional residential programme just for you. Your journey with us starts before you arrive, completing an in-depth health and wellbeing questionnaire. This will help identify the changes you want to make in your life. Then we’ll map out a structure for your visit so you get the right blend of wellbeing workout, emotional detox and cathartic rejuvenation.

Each residential wellbeing retreat offers a unique bespoke range of options, including;

  • Your very own one-off luxury, high-spec self-catering cottage
  • A free signed copy of ‘The Wellbeing Workout’ or 'The Crisis Book'
  • One-to-one therapeutic consultations throughout
  • Activity schedule mapped out with you in advance, if appropriate
  • Walk-and-talk coaching sessions in the Aberdeenshire hills or hiking trails
  • PPF - Make sense of the Past, engage with the Present, plan for the Future
  • Training and guidance on developing Emotional Intelligence
  • Mindful walks capturing the local fauna and flora
  • Collaborative Personal Development and Action Plan
  • Space for yourself to unwind and reflect
  • Time off to visit any of hundreds of local castles, gardens or hiking trails
  • Rest and relaxation strategies that work for you
  • Free post-retreat follow-up Skype or Telephone coaching session

But it all starts with you.

What would you like to change in your life?

Talk to us. We can help.

And we look forward to supporting you on your journey of recuperation, recovery or rejuvenation.