CALMA Wellbeing Retreats


Come and stay in your high-spec, luxury, self-catering cottage and get the full wellbeing package of talking therapies to aid your recovery, rejuvenation or recuperation. We can help you to manage the stresses of life, cope better through tough times and become more robust and resilient.

We can meet at our private Consulting Room or, if you're up for it, join us for one of our 'Walk-and-Talk' sessions, making the most of the glorious Aberdeenshire countryside (the view in the image above is only 20 minutes walk from your front door). We offer counselling, coaching, mentoring, stress-management and psychological wellbeing guidance.

Whether you want to 'get back to normal' or leap from 'normal' to the 'exceptional', please get in touch and we can explore how we might help.


Wellbeing is not just an individual affair but an organisational 'duty of care' responsibility. With years of experience, we can collaborate with you to find a wellbeing solution. We can offer external support services for staff, provide an ad hoc 'employee assistance programme', routine therapeutic supervision (especially for the helping and medical professions) or simply jump in when the need arises.


We can help with a huge range of wellbeing requests and needs to enable you make the most out of your visit. Whether you're wanting to get over a difficult experience, find a solution to a challenging situation or explore changes you need to make to your life... we can help.