Helping you to recover, recuperate or rejuvenate

Calma Wellbeing offers a feast of wellbeing and support options to nourish and replenish body, mind and spirit.

Holistic therapies including pain-management expertise

Consultancy and advice - expert advice to help you assess your current pain challenges to find life-style changes or pain management strategies.

Trigger-point therapy and referred pain - a non-invasive and evidence-based intervention to manage muscle hypersensitivity.

Sports injury and repetitive strain - identifying pain management strategies to limit the consequence of pain.

Post-surgical pain - helping you to find ways to reduce current and future post-operative pain.

Indian head massage (Ayurvedic) - an effective treatment for accumulated tension and strain in the upper body.

Swedish massage - a non-invasive treatment to relieve muscle spasm and improve circulation.

Walk-and-talk mindfulness - embracing nature to live more in the present and aim to reduce anxiety and depression or enhance wellbeing. 

Talking therapies

Counselling giving you a therapeutic space to find a way forward for personal and professional challenges and difficulties.

Work-life balance coaching - providing you with encouragement, inspiration and support to help achieve your potential, whether at home or work.

Retirement coaching - helping you plan and prepare, work through the transition and enjoy life beyond.

Wellbeing MOT - auditing your current mental health wellbeing and developing strategies to maintain and improve your overall wellbeing.

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Take the first step and invest in your health and wellbeing. You're worth it.

PS. The feature photograph above was taken a short walk from our base and shows the Howe of Alford and Cairngorm mountain range beyond.