Holistic therapies including pain management expertise


Whether you have a long-standing pain issue or have recently been discharged from hospital after a planned or unplanned visit, Kirsty, a qualified, experienced and RCN registered nurse (now retired from the NHS), can help assess your current pain challenges and work with you to identify life-style changes or pain management strategies which can improve your relationship with pain. 


A trigger point is an area of hypersensitivity in a muscle, from which impulses travel to the central nervous system, giving rise to referred pain (i.e. pain in a different area). One of the most effective treatments for restrictive trigger points is applying specific pressure to points followed by a passive stretch. Trigger point therapy is a non-invasive and evidence-based intervention, supported by the NHS.


Some pain might be associated with specific activities that put undue pressure or impact on a particular part of the body. Assessing body alignment, gait and function helps us to identify pain management options to limit the consequence of pain.


Whether your hospital surgery was planned or unplanned, you may find you struggle with some ongoing pain. Kirsty's sound knowledge of all surgical procedures gives her an excellent insight into pain-related issues and options for pain-management.


As an experienced, former specialist pain nurse at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Kirsty can work with you to assess your current pain symptoms and explore strategies for effective management. This can include chronic or acute pain. 


Indian Head Massage is an effective treatment for accumulated tension and strain in the upper body. This is a traditional method of easing tightness in the scalp and upper body in a non-intrusive manner. It can aid circulation, restore joint movements, release tension headaches, migraine, ease eye-strain and reduce neck and shoulder pain. 


This is a non-invasive massage technique which involves the manipulation of the body's soft tissues to relieve muscle spasm and stimulate circulation. It can help to reduce pain and swelling, lower anxiety, aid relaxation, improve sleep and generally boost the immune system. 


The consultation involves an assessment of your situation and includes a review of your medical history. Once completed, Kirsty will develop a care plan, in collaboration with you, which may draw from any of the above techniques and therapies. If a consultation and care plan is not required or unnecessary, the standard hourly fee will apply. 


Review 1. Kirsty combines a wealth of knowledge with deep compassion and care for her clients. I highly recommend her skills and abilities having had relief for back and shoulder injuries.

Review 2. I have had quite a few types of massage at different places for relief of painful muscles and stiffness in my neck. Recently, I had a very enjoyable and beneficial massage from Kirsty. She practised trigger point massage which gave me great pain relief in my neck and shoulders. I haven't had such great flexibility and movement in my neck for years. The treatment also focused on my back, hands and arms, which was very relaxing. I will definitely be going back for regular treatments. Kirsty is warm, open and caring with good communication skills. With her nursing background she's very knowledgeable. I would thoroughly recommend her.

Review 3. This was the first time I've ever had trigger point therapy for my knots and I'll most definitively be back. My pain levels have reduced by at least 80% with only one treatment. Amazing! I can now lift the blooming iron!


First appointment - £75 for case consultation, medical review, assessment, care plan and first treatment (up to 90 minutes).

Further appointments or treatment without consultation/review/plan - £50 (up to 60 minutes).

Please note

We do not dispense medication, nor do we hold any prescription medication on site.