Life coaching


Rick is a BACP-accredited counsellor, a former Head of the Aberdeen University Counselling Service, and has supported thousands of clients over a near 30 year counselling career. He begins with a free 15 minute telephone assessment so you can assess if he's right for you and he can determine if he can offer you the support you require. No fixed number of sessions, you choose how many you want. Available face-to-face near Alford or via Microsoft Teams. 

Wellbeing coaching

Rick can work with you to provide a regular or annual Wellbeing MOT, helping you to take stock of your whole-of-life wellbeing, by using a tried-and-tested Wellbeing audit tool. This allows you to appreciate what is working well and where you may have wellbeing gaps which might benefit from recalibration and reassessment. The aim is to build a solid personal wellbeing awareness with guidance on making positive changes. 

Retirement coaching

Rick can help you plan and prepare for retirement, work through the transition and build your new life beyond retirement. 

Work-life balance coaching

Drawing from research for his best-selling book, 'Get a life! Creating a successful work-life balance' Rick can share the 45 variables which can impact work-life balance by drawing from his 9 P's;

* Personal development
* People
* Professional issues
* Productivity factors
* Performance at work
* Psychological wellbeing
* Physical Wellbeing
* Practical Factors
* Prioritisation.


Review 1. Personally, I've found Rick's methods most effective as I was seeking practical solutions and techniques.

Review 2. Rick really helped me find lots of different avenues to look into and people to go to for help!

Review 3. Rick has been a fantastic counsellor and helped me greatly to cope with my anxiety.


£80 if funded by organisations

£50 standard rate

£40 if you earn less that £15,000 per year