Absence from Work

There are times when we might all take time out from work. This could be due to stress, illness, accidents, conduct, relationship or disciplinary issues... or simply because we're sick of the place! We get signed off by the Doctor and take a leave of absence.

But one week becomes two and before we know it we have settled into a non-work mentality where the thought of going back to work triggers even more stress.

The longer we're off work, the more difficult it can become to go back.

It's not in your interest or your employers (and for your work collagues) to stay off longer than is appropriate. Work can be good for your mental health when it gives you routine, structure and purpose. But it can be bad for your mental health if it's causing you undue and damaging stress.

Maybe you need to find the support mechanisms and confidence to return? Or maybe you need to leave, regroup and explore options beyond your current employer?

It can be really tough to work out what to do.

But we can help here. We can work with you to map out and explore what's been going on, the impact on you and the tough choices you might need to make. We're independent and impartial.

And even if we are funded by your workplace to help you decide what to do, we will only accept funding on the basis of an unconditional freedom to help you make the decision which is right for you.