Therapeutic creative writing

Writing is a powerful creative force which canĀ enable us to communicate with and connect to our world as we see it.

We can help you unleash your inner-scribe by giving you the time, space and guidance to start or complete your writing quest.

With experience in fiction-writing and screen-writing (BAFTA Nominee) we can give you some hot tips and techniques to set you on your way. And your residential accommodation gives you the perfect place to work on your masterpiece (including free WiFi for research, not social media distractions!).

Additionally, sometimes writing helps us understand who we are. It gives us a personality and character identity to understand what and who we are and why.

It can also help us recover from difficult issues that have happened to us in the past.

We can marry creative writing, therapy and recovery techniques to help you map out the past, ground yourself in the present and set out a plan for the future.

Or just come and use the space to write away. As the best writers say... 'writing is rewriting'.