Come and join us for a mindful 'walk-and-talk' in the glorious Aberdeenshire countryside. We will use this time to focus on the countryside so that you can enhance your own capacity to be more mindful with your external environment. The 'walk-and-talk' element can allow you a chance to reflect on personal or professional issues, or simply enjoy and appreciate the fauna and flora, the wildlife and views. 


Rick has had seven books published and four of his short film scripts have been picked up by Directors and Producers, who have brought them to the big screen. He can work with you to find your own unique writing voice whether this is fiction, screen-writing or as a means to express yourself.


Most of the time, we all forget or fail to see the bountiful spread of medicinal plants and foods round about us. Using the local countryside, we can take you on a foraging walk to identify and appreciate the many opportunities to forage.